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About Me

2022-present Associate Professor. San Diego State University

2017-2022 Assistant Professor. San Diego State University

2014-2016 Research Fellow. Western Sydney University

2011-2014 Postdoc. Northern Arizona University 

2005-2011 PhD. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

2002-2005 M.Sc. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México      

 I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in phylogenetics, population genetics, evolution of reproductive systems, and the evolutionary ecology of plant-insect-microbe interactions under climate change.

       Using greenhouse experiments, common garden studies, field experiments and next generation sequencing technologies, I study the genetic and environmental contributions to drought resistance in plants and the interplay between the responses of different plant genotypes and species and their associated microbes and insects to the stresses of climate change.

       In my research I combine phylogenetics, molecular genetics, epigenetics, population genetics, physiological, morphological, developmental and ecological approaches.

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